About Prostruct Building Solutions

Prostruct Building Solutions is a successful building business because we have an open, honest and friendly approach to our work. Being a local Sydney company, we understand the importance of keeping our customers happy. We acknowledge the significance of your property and we respect that we are working to enhance your dreams.


Brad Wheeler will be your direct contact for all areas relating to your building project.


As well as being a licenced Builder, Brad is also a licenced Carpenter.


We only manage a select number of clients, preferring to focus on providing a level of service and accessibility that is rare within our marketplace. This exclusivity enables us to ensure our clients’ satisfaction and enjoyment of our service which is paramount to our continued business success.


At Prostruct Building Solutions we strive to achieve the absolute best result for our clients on every single project.


Our passion for the building trade means that we're serious about completing a great project. We offer expert advice and superior quality to you our discerning client. Utilising top workmanship and a professional attitude, we offer additions, and renovations to your existing home, as well as commercial solutions.


We believe minimising the intrusion on your life is our responsibility. We see our job as facilitating your dreams, and therefore leaving behind a mess is simply inexcusable. We always endeavour to get in, get the job done properly and leave only our finished work behind once we're done. Prostruct include the clean-up.


Brad takes steps to build solid relationships with all of his clients so that he can best understand their individual needs. Brad will meet you on site to take your design brief and offer sound and practical advice to help you design the project of your dreams. He will then manage the project from pricing right through to completion. Offering personalized service every step of the way, Brad will be a constant fixture on site to ensure that all onsite trades and suppliers complete the project to his high standards. It's this genuine commitment to people that is the keystone of Prostruct Building Solutions philosophy; to exceed expectations and provide benchmark quality, workmanship and client service.


We take pride in enhancing the appearance, atmosphere and financial value of our client’s premises with a professional, trustworthy and reliable building service, geared towards ensuring customer satisfaction.


Whether it’s an extra room to your home, a second storey addition, home office, bathroom renovation, kitchen, deck, commercial fitout, warehouse mezzanine, or just general maintenance there is a lot to be considered.


Contact Prostruct Building Solutions and we’ll find the right solution for you.


We look forward to working with each and every client to help on any building project, large or small, and to achieve results that are truly exceptional. If you are looking for a builder that is willing to go the extra mile, look no further.


Please contact Prostruct Building Services now to discuss your new commercial or residential project with us. We look forward to working with you and exceeding your expectations!